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Phoenix93 is the latest Indian casino website where you can play many different games. The Phoenix93 website is also known as the Pix93. The Phoenix93 website is known for offering many fascinating casino games. To get started, you can signup on to the Phoenix93 website, and then you can play different casino games online. 


How To Signup On Phoenix93 Website

You have to complete the signup process to get started with the Phoenix93 casino website. On signup, the Phoenix93 website gives a free lucky spin and a 50% deposit bonus. 

Moreover, you can follow the below steps to get signup into the Phoenix93 Casino website and claim these bonuses. 

Step 1 – First, click on the below button and visit the Phoenix93 official casino website. 

Step 2 – Click on the signup button in the top right corner of the website.


Step 3 – Now, this is where you have to enter your details. 

Step 4 – You have to enter your phone number, password, and promo code.

Step 5 – Click on the OTP button and enter the verification code to create your profile on the Phoenix93 website. 

After you create your profile, you can deposit money on the Phoenix93 casino website, and then you can get your 50% deposit bonus and free lucky spin. 

What Is Phoenix93?

Phoenix93, also known as Pix93, is an Indian casino website where you can play casino games online. The Phoenix93 is the latest casino website and allows users to deposit with cryptocurrency and local currency. 

Users can create an account on the Phoenix93 website and access some of the best casino games with amazing bonuses. The Phoenix93 Casino website offers a very easy-to-use interface. Moreover, users can play casino games, which are developed by some of the best gaming developers. 

Casino Games In Phoenix93

The Pix93 is a casino website where you can play various different casino games online. Despite being a new casino platform, the Pix93 has many latest and finest casino games. 

You can play different casino gaming categories, such as Lobby games, In-House games, Rush Lottery games, Slots games, Fish games, and Live Casino games. In these categories, you can play many different games that will give you the best casino gaming experience on the Pix93 website. 

The Pix93 casino website has also included some popular casino games, such as Wingo, Crash, Mines, Dragon VS Tiger, Hilo, Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, etc. However, the most popular game on the Pix93 website is the color prediction Wingo game which is one of the most-played casino games in India.

Additionally, the available games on the Pix93 website are developed by some of the finest casino gaming developers, such as Jili Slots, Evolution Gaming, WM Live, Red Tiger, NetEnt, CQN, BTG, and Ka Slots. Hence, the Pix93 website does not compromise with the casino gaming quality and has provided high-quality casino games to its users.

Phoenix93 Referral Program

There is a referral program available on the Pix93 casino website. You can use this program to make money from the casino website. In the referral program of the Pix93 website, you can invite people to earn a commission from the Pix93 website. 

You can go through the Pix93 website, and on the website, you can click on the referral program, where you will get your Pix93 referral link. You can copy your referral link, and later you can share it with new people to earn commission from the Pix93 casino website. 

Moreover, the referral income on the Pix93 website will be a long-term income, where you will earn a different percentage of commission every time a player you refer places a bet.

On level 1, the user will get a 40% commission which will be a direct commission. However, you can also earn level 2 and level 3 commissions which will be 25% and 15%, and this will be the indirect commission that you will receive on the Pix93 website. 

Pix93 Promotions

The Pix93 casino provides many latest promotions as well. That includes a 50% bonus on the first recharge, an unlimited invitation bonus, Wingo 3x plan, a 10% bonus for every recharge, Vip daily free spins, a Telegram channel bonus, a betting rebate, a VIP upgrade bonus, VIP weekly and monthly bonus. 

How To Deposit Money On Phoenix93 Website

You can play casino games on the Pix93 website by depositing money in your account. You can use cryptocurrency or the local currency to deposit money on the Pix93 website. That is purely up to you. 

However, the Pix9e is a new casino platform and does not have that many options for depositing cryptocurrency. So it is preferable that you should deposit with your local currency on the Pix93 website. 

If you find difficulty in depositing money, you can follow the below steps to deposit money to your Pix93 account. 

  1. Visit the Pix93 Casino website. 
  2. Make sure to login with your account. 
  3. Click on the wallet button in the top right corner of the website. 
  4. On the wallet, click on deposit and select your deposit channel. As of now, there are three deposit channels, which are Y-Pay, D-Pay, and Fpay-Upi. 
  5. Enter the deposit amount. The minimum deposit amount on the Pix93 website is ₹100. 
  6. Claim the 50% bonus on the first deposit. 
  7. Click on deposit, and you will be able to deposit your money into your Pix93 account. 

Now, you have deposited money into your Pix93 account, and you can use it to play your favorite casino game on the Pix93 website.

Phoenix93 Customer Support

The Pix93 is the latest Indian casino website, but it has taken all the measures to help its customer. The Pix93 casino website provides 24/7 customer support. 

By mailing the Pix93 customer support, users can get any help regarding the casino platform. The Pix93 customer support email is [email protected].

Moreover, the customer support email will directly help you to reach the Pix93 team quite easily.

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